La Fugue
Who are we ?
Since 1980, La Fugue has been offering original travel experiences for discerning clients, with a special focus on art, classical music and opera...

Today, our extensive catalogue boasts an exceptional range of choices, characterised by meticulous attention to detail. From bespoke individual trips to great adventures enjoyed alongside remarkable guides, La Fugue’s artistic touch will ensure you enjoy unique moments of discovery and sharing.

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Although the major highlights of the musical season enjoy pride of place in our programme, we also delight in creating events, whether by bringing together a few renowned artists during an exclusive operatic cruise, or by making the silence of the desert reverberate against the soft light of the rising sun... In so doing, we make the impossible possible, with each journey offering a singular adventure, akin to exploring a musical dream.

La Fugue expresses its valuable know-how through the creation of guided trips...

Why not privatise an impenetrable palace, savour a spectacular musical surprise in the heart of the desert, or seize the chance to meet prominent names in the world of arts and culture? La Fugue will offer you exclusive experiences revealing the magic of exceptional settings in Europe and beyond. Each journey is like a musical score composed with care; it is up to you to play the tune...

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A La Fugue representative will accompany you on these journeys, along with a few leading guides. Surrender to the charm of a unique adventure in the heart of usually inaccessible regions.

La Fugue selects the quintessential events of the musical season for you personally, offering an individual experience in exceptional conditions...

The Bayreuth and Salzburg festivals, the dazzling programmes of the Metropolitan Opera in New York and of La Scala in Milan, and a concert marking the birthday of a great master: La Fugue selects the quintessential events of the musical season for you personally, offering an individual experience in exceptional conditions, including the very best concert tickets and the most welcoming hotels.

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Just follow your desires and compose your own musical journey as you wish! Our website,, leaves it in your hands to select your hotel category, decide on the duration of your stay, and choose your seats in leading Opera houses. The specialist in musical travel, for more than 35 years.

In a professional context, La Fugue gives you the opportunity to nurture your high-level public relations by offering exceptional events shared with your most treasured clients, investors and advertisers.

These prestigious events or travels could range from a Parisian soirée to a more distant seminar; whatever the case, they are tailored to your needs with the same strict requirements applied to our individual and guided trips. The options are endless: choose from the best hotels or privatise rare venues (a Venetian palace or renowned museum); we could even arrange a friendly meeting with a prominent personality from the arts…

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Through these exclusive events, we will harness all our creativity and expertise to promote your image.