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Telephone: 01 43 59 10 14
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LA FUGUE holds State licence number 075 96 0149; it holds professional liability insurance with Generali France. The publication director is Mr Frédéric Pfeffer in his capacity as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. This site is hosted by OVH. 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France. The site was developed by Rémy Sellier 71, cours Anatole France 33000 Bordeaux – www.atelier-meteorite.fr


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Site use
We do our best to update the information and trips appearing on our site on a regular basis. However, we reserve the right to change, without notice, the content of the information displayed and the trip dates and prices without incurring liability in the event the site does not work, is hacked or becomes inaccessible. We reserve the right to temporarily suspend access to the site for reasons of security, maintenance or any other technical reason.






Art. 1. – The agency shall be the bearer of a license granted to it by the appropriate French Governing body. The Travel Agency shall provide services and duly receive registrations from a Customer for the services it provides. The latter shall be governed by article 1 of the French Law dated July 11 1975 and shall fully comply with all the requirements covering its duties, especially with respect to the safety of travelers. The said Agency shall be responsible for the correct performance of the services it provides, except in the event of Acts of God, unforeseen events, third parties that do not fall within the scope of supply as set forth in the travel contract. Any failure by the Travel Agent that does fall within the scope of the said Contract or provisions governing subcontractors as covered by Article 2 below, shall be covered by professional third-party insurance with respect to risks set forth in articles 22 onwards of the French Law (“n° 77-363 du 28 mars 1977”) dated March 27 1977. A Guarantee shall also be provided covering the risks set forth in Articles 10 onwards of this same “Décret” (French Statutory Order).


Art. 2. – An appropriate document shall be delivered in the event of any sale of a trip. Where an airplane ticket is issued in conjunction with the appropriate services linked to such transportation, an appropriate ticket shall be issued by the air transportation Company for its services or items falling within the scope of the said services. Such tickets shall be issued to every Customer and shall cover the entire trip. Where flights are subcontracted out to other Companies, tickets issued by such subcontractors may be used provided that the Organizer of the trip mentions the name of the Company in whose name the ticket was issued.


Art. 3. – In the event of several services linked to a same trip, or stay, the Travel Agent shall issue every Customer a Contractual Document that was previously signed at registration. It shall set forth in a precise manner all the features of such trips or stays, especially the day and where, possible the approximate time of departure and return. Such a document shall also set forth the classes of transport and lodgings including the schedules the travel circuits. Where applicable, minimum or maximum sizes of groups shall be specified. The names and addresses of the insurer, Manager of the Travel Agent Vendor, the Official Title, or Trade name of the organizing Agency shall be mentioned. Such requirements shall also relate to the overall price of the services on offer, payment conditions, cancellation provisions covered in the Contractual or Regulatory Document, especially provisions pertaining to the posting of prices for the trips and stays on offer, as covered by “ordonnance n° 45-1483 du 30 juin 1945” (French Statutory Order dated June 30 1945). The latter brings to the notice of the public that optional insurance policies are available that cover the consequences of certain cases of cancellation. In cases where trips or stays are subject to minimum and maximum numbers of participants, such provisions shall be indicated including the date beyond which, no cancellation caused by an insufficient number of participants can be invoked.
Such a date shall set at least twenty-one days prior to departure. Besides the latter, the Travel Agency shall inform the Customer of the various administrative and health provisions required for the trip to take place. This is also the case with respect to provisions in force at registration, which shall be the responsibility of the Customer. The Travel Agent shall mention in the Contract the provisions stated in paragraph 1 of this Article. From the Customer standpoint, he / she shall draw the Travel Agent’s attention to any item affecting his or her choice with respect to any specific conditions relating to him or herself that may have an influence on how the trip or stay is conducted. The said Customer shall bring any such specific conditions to the notice of the Travel Agent in compliance with paragraph 1 of this Article. Where the Customer subscribes to an insurance policy, covering the risk of cancellation of the trips or stays under certain circumstances, a document shall be established that specifies the minimum risks covered and those that are excluded. This document shall be attached to the Contract. Where the services provided include air transportation, a travel document shall be issued to every Customer, in compliance with the provisions set forth in Article 9.


Art. 4. – When travel or destination documents are issued, the Customer shall be issued with an evaluation sheet on which he / she may set down any discrepancies with respect to compliance provisions. One provision of this document shall provide advice to the Customer on how to gather together proof of any such discrepancies. Any claim relating to a trip or stay shall be forwarded to the Travel Agent with whom the Contract was signed as soon as possible.


Art. 5. – The price indicated at registration shall be the total price to be paid by the Customer. Notwithstanding, any specific provisions relating to price modifications may be provided in compliance with legislation or regulatory provisions, especially with respect to prices posted, for trips or stays in compliance with French Statutory Order dated June 30 1945 (“ordonnance n° 45-1483 du 30 juin 1945”). Where prices are modified, the motifs of the modifications that have occurred shall be stated, backed by a statement of the regulatory texts authorizing such documents.


Art. 6. – Under the terms governing the payment provisions covered in Article 3, the final payment can never be lower than 30% of the total price of the trip or stay. And must be made at the point at which, the documents enabling the trip or stay to be made are issued.


Art. 7. – In the event of a trip or a stay are cancelled by the Travel Agent, for whatever motif, the Customer without prejudice to his or her rights to damages, experienced where applicable, shall immediately be refunded with respect to all the sums already paid. The Customer shall receive compensation corresponding to the prejudice he / she has undergone, where such cancellation was made by the Travel Agent on the date under consideration, except in cases where cancellation was caused by an Act of God, by traveler safety, or through an insufficient number of participants set forth in Article 3.


Art. 8. – When prior to departure, the trips or stays are modified by the Travel Agent on the basis of essential Customer Criteria, notwithstanding prejudice with respect to damages undergone where applicable, the Customer may with a seven day deadline, counting from the day cancellation notice was issued, either cancel his / her booking under the provisions of Article 7, or accept to take part in the modified trip. As stated in Article 3. In such an event, he / she shall sign the modified document covering the modifications and accept any lowering or rising of price.


Art. 9. – In cases where the trip or the stay are modified after departure by Travel Agent on the basis of essential criteria, the Customer may demand a refund upon return with respect to services that were not performed and/or not replaced without prejudice to demanding compensation for damages undergone, where applicable. Except for prior agreement with the Organizer, the Customer may not make modifications to his / her trip or stay. Modification charges that are unacceptable shall remain the responsibility of the Customer and he / she shall not be entitled to refunds for services he / she did not benefit from owing to such modifications.


Price modifications : Where exchange rates fluctuate or changes in air transportation occur, after the publication reference date in brochures or price lists, such price modifications may be passed on to the Customer. Any such modification shall be covered by evidence issued to the Customer. No modifications due to such fluctuations may be authorized thirty days prior to departure onwards. Every Customer may cancel his / her registration if the price increase exceeds 10 % of the initial price set forth for the trip. Any such cancellation may occur without the Customer incurring additional charges but this shall not authorize the Customer to claim damages or compensation from the Travel Agency.


In the event of dispute: Any minor dispute or litigious occurrence shall be presented to the jurisdictions in which the head office of the Company is located.


Programmes and prices valid from 2018, March 1st to 2019, June 30th


Registration : All registrations must be accompanied by a deposit of 40% of the amount of the trip (50% for cruises boat/rail). The final payment will be due 1 month before departure (2 months for cruises and specific trips).


Price: Our prices are calculated according to the rates for ground and air service providers known as of 2017, January 1st, and the exchange rates published on that date. They are subject to change according to variations in exchange rates, the cost of the transport, taxes and fees. Inasmuch as the airlines reserve the right after a certain period of time to close the availability of seats in a given booking class, it is possible that when you register there will be no more places available in that class, or even with the company itself. In this case, we would offer you a different price from that published in our brochure. Furthermore, as certain musical events and their ticket prices have not been finally determined at the time when we go to press, their programmes and prices may be changed.
In addition to the amount for the services included in each programme, prices include our organising costs and business margin. This is a lump-sum price that cannot be broken down. No challenge concerning these prices will be considered after the customer returns. It is up to the customer to determine before his departure whether the price is acceptable to him.


Cancellation : Any cancellation must be made known by registered letter with confirmation of receipt. The date of receipt of the registered letter shall be the date taken into account for any refund. The payments made will be reimbursed, after deduction of the amounts indicated below, and if necessary of the insurance premium, which is not refundable:
– more than 60 days before departure: 7% cancellation charge for the trip, with a minimum of 150 euros per person, plus the amount of show tickets and airline or train tickets that are non-refundable.
– from 60 to 31 days before departure: 30% cancellation charge for the trip, with a minimum of 250 euros per person, plus the amount of show tickets and airline or train tickets that are non-refundable.
– from 30 to 21 days before departure: 60% cancellation charge for the trip, plus the amount of show tickets and airline or train tickets that are non-refundable.
– from 20 days to the date of departure: 100 % of the amount of the trip.

Trips with specific cancellation fees (trips outside Europe and cruises by boat/rail, Salzburg, Bayreuth, Bordeaux, Florence, Hambourg):
– more than 90 days before departure: 30% cancellation charge for the trip, plus -when applicable- the amount of plane tickets and performance seat if not refundable.
– from 90 to 61 days before departure: 60% cancellation charge for the trip, plus -when applicable- the amount of plane tickets and performance seat if not refundable.
– from 60 days to the date of departure: 100 % of the amount of the trip.

In the case of cancellation, expenses external to the trip and incurred by the customer (transportation to the trip departure point, visas, vaccinations, etc.) cannot be refunded.

Cancellation or modification by la Fugue : Before registration, the organizer reserves the right to modify the content of the services described in the program, in particular in the case of a hotel surcharge or a change in opera programs. After registration, the organizer reserves the right to modify the content of the services called for in the contract if a case of force majeure or the actions of a third party force it to do so. The prices for this program are calculated based on a 20-person minimum. If the required number of participants is not reached, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the trip (up to 30 days before the departure) by refunding the entire package with no compensation for the customer, or to require the registrants to pay a price supplement to ensure departure. In this case, those registered for the trip may cancel, without charge, within eight days.

Insurance: Repatriation assistance is included in our stays and cannot be deducted. Optional multiple-risk insurance can be purchased on request at the time of registration. It includes insurance against interruption of stay, baggage, travel-related accident, traveler’s civil liability, and search-and-rescue expenses. These contracts include limitations of guarantee, exclusions, excess, etc. We advise you to read them carefully. It is up to you, before or during your trip, to personally contact the insurance company so as to activate your insurance contract.

Liability: The organizer guarantees customers satisfactory completion of the planned trip, within the limits of the guarantee owed by the service providers involved in executing the trips. These service providers retain their own liabilities vis-à-vis each traveler as pertinent to their business under the terms of the laws regulating them. Hence the organizer is relieved of liability, in the most common cases:
– Change in musical program or cast. The cast mentioned in our brochure is the cast known at the time it was prepared. Furthermore, in the event that shows are cancelled (because of strikes or for other reasons), only the price of the seats will be refunded, without this giving rise to cancellation without charge of the trip itself. Finally, only the subscription to the optional insurance with cast guarantee enables to cancel a stay if an artist bows out of the performance included in the stay.
– Failure to present ID or health documents or presentation of documents that are expired or of insufficient validity (ID card, passport, visas, vaccination certificates, etc.) or documents not conforming to the prescribed formalities. In the case of failure to check in (including being late for embarkation), 100% of the total amount of the trip will be withheld and will not be covered by the cancellation guarantee. The organizer may not be held liable for the customer’s failure to register at the trip’s place of departure caused by an air, rail or ground delay, even if this delay is the result of a case of force majeure, “bad weather,” an act of God or of third parties, or of social upheaval. In the case of pre- and post-trip connecting travel arranged by you, we recommend that you purchase modifiable and refundable services that you allow reasonable time between airports/stations.
– Accidents of various origins as part of safety instructions not followed.
– Unforeseeable and insurmountable incidents or events caused by a third party extraneous to the organizer, such as: wars, political disturbances, strikes, technical incidents, crowded air space, bad weather, delays (including delays in courier services used to send travel documents), breakdowns, baggage loss or theft. The cases cited above and any resulting changes in itinerary may not give rise to any compensation of any kind, in particular because of a change in the length of the initially planned program or late arrival for a connection. Any additional expenses associated with a disruption (tax, hotel, parking, etc.) will be borne by the customer. Upon request, La Fugue may purchase an individual plane or train ticket on the client’s behalf from the airline / company of the client’s choice. When providing this independent service, La Fugue may not be held liable for any fault or failure by the airline.

Organiser : LA FUGUE, S.A.S. with 39,000 euros in capital. PARIS CCR 322 749 904. Government License n° 075 11 0231. APST Guarantee. Professional Civil Liability: Generali France.
Travel insurance: Mapfre. Repatriation assistance: contract n° 7.904.789. Multiple-risk travel insurance: Platinium contract.





In accordance with the French law n°78-17 dated 6/1/78 relative to data processing, files and individual liberties amended by law on 6/8/04, and the law dated 21/6/04 for confidence in the digital economy, you have the right to consult, rectify and delete information concerning you. You are also entitled to decline to receive information and/or commercial propositions by email and the use of your electronic contacts for prospection. You may exercise you rights vis-à-vis La Fugue by sending an email to information@lafugue.com or a written mail to the address 32, rue Washington – 75008 PARIS.



The price for our trips includes only basic repatriation insurance; we strongly urge you to take out multirisk insurance through us from Européenne d’Assurances, covering cancellation, interruption, baggage, travel-related accident, traveller’s civil liability, search-and-rescue expenses.


Your assistance during the trip.
This insurance is included in the price of all our trips and cannot be deducted.


Your assistance before and during the trip.
This insurance is optional.
Amount of the premium: from €50,00 per person.