Easter Festival I
From 24 March to 27 March 2024

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Impossible de résister au charme de Baden-Baden ! Située au cœur de la Forêt Noire, la cité est une superbe ville d’Allemagne. Ses bains de Caracalla comptent parmi les beaux bains thermaux du monde. Offrant une promenade d’une grande beauté, la Lichtentaler Allee est une autre invitation à la détente et à la paix. Ceux qui aiment les jeux du casino iront au Kurhaus, légendaire établissement fréquenté en son temps par des célébrités comme Marlène Dietrich.


Mais à Baden-Baden, il y a également la musique. Son somptueux Festspielhaus est l’une des salles les plus prestigieuses du monde. Depuis quelques années, l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Berlin y élit ses quartiers dès le début du printemps. Le programme concocté cette année par son chef Kirill Petrenko est plus exceptionnel que jamais : un concert symphonique avec le pianiste canadien Jan Lisiecki, un gala Wagner emmené par Petrenko lui-même et une Elektra de rêve mise en scène portée par un trio vocal d’anthologie : Nina Stemme, Elza van den Heever, Michaela Schuster. Grandiose !

De grands concerts en perspective !
The program
Berliner Philharmoniker, T. Sokhiev and J. Lisiecki
March 24, 2024
Gala Kirill Petrenko – R. Wagner
March 25, 2024
Elektra, by R. Strauss
March 26, 2024
Sunday 24 of march - Baden-Baden

At 6 p.m., at the Festspielhaus:




Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Tugan Sokhiev: Musical direction

Jan Lisiecki: Piano


– L. Van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor

– A. Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 in E major


Ludwig van Beethoven was considered one of the greatest pianists of his time. Among his cycle of five concertos, the Concerto No. 3 occupies a privileged place: by its breadth, the beauty of its slow movement and its poetic power, it represents Beethoven’s first “great” concerto. After impressing the audience at the Festspielhaus in 2012, Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki has taken on this romantic masterpiece. The Symphony No. 7 also marks a starting point in Bruckner’s career. How many difficulties did the Austrian composer have to overcome in the musical world to triumph at the end of the 19th century! However, the first listeners of Symphony No. 7 immediately grasped the monumental breath of this grandiose work. The Adagio is authentic desert island music, which will be performed here by the luxurious Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Tugan Sokhiev.

Monday 25 of march - Baden-Baden

At 6 p.m., at the Festspielhaus:




Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Kirill Petrenko: Conductor


Vida Miknevičiūtė: Sieglinde

Brandon Jovanovich: Siegmund

Kwangchul Youn: Hunding


R. Wagner:

– Tannhäuser: Prelude and scene from the Venusberg,

– Die Walküre: First Act


What if the famous Bayreuth Festival, dedicated to the music of Wagner, took place today in Baden-Baden? The German composer would certainly not have disagreed with the idea, as he enjoyed the spa town in the Black Forest. During this gala, Kirill Petrenko, the current music director of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, returns to opera, having been director of the Munich Opera for a long time, with the 1st act of Wagner’s Die Walküre, led by Brandon Jovanovich’s imperial Siegmund. As a prelude to this great operatic moment, the scenes from Tannhäuser are another eagerly awaited event for Wagnerians.

Tuesday 26 of march - Baden-Baden

At 6 p.m., at the Festspielhaus:


ELEKTRA, by R. Strauss


Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Kirill Petrenko: Conductor

Philipp Stölzl : Director


Nina Stemme: Electra

Elza Van Den Heever: Chrysothemis

Michaela Schuster:  Clytemnestra

Johan Reuter: Orestes

W. Ablinger-Sperrhacke: Aegisthus


Awesome and terrifying Elektra! In his opera, Richard Strauss sketches the first steps towards avant-garde music and modern psychology. The premiere, on 25 January 1909, certainly shocked part of the public with its scenic and musical violence, but immediately met with a success that has never waned since. Because you never come out of the Elektra experience unscathed. The three female figures in the drama all respond to a psychological archetype and it is in the confrontation of these mythical personalities (Electra, Clytemnestra, Chrysothemis) that the essence of the opera is knotted. For this performance of Elektra directed by Philip Stölzl (a playwright renowned on the stages of Germany), the Baden-Baden Festival called on a real “dream team”: the legendary Nina Stemme in the title role, Michaela Schuster as Clytemnestra and Elza van den Heever as Chrysothemis. In the pit, Kirill Petrenko at the head of his Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is an exceptional opera conductor.

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The luxurious setting and hospitality of a superb renovated 19th century residence: the Belle Époque hotel will seduce you with its authenticity and calm. The service and comfort are impeccable.


The hotel remains a faithful guarantor of Baden-Baden’s great spa tradition. The spa and the impeccable service of the staff add to the exceptional standard of its rooms.

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